Is that an Eyeball? High School Students Get a Closeup View of Vet Tech Life

Published on January 29, 2014 by arothstein

Have you ever seen an eyeball? Have you ever handled an eyeball? Have you ever cut an eyeball? Then you might be a veterinarian technician!

Recently the Broadview University-West Jordan campus welcomed four groups of high school students. The students, who participate in Vet Assisting and Animal Sciences courses at the Granite Technical Institute (GTI), are considering a career working with animals.

Students from Granite High School take advantage of a unique learning opportunity. They dissected a sheep eye as part of their veterinary technology program tour at Broadview University-West Jordan.

The GTI students spent about an hour at the campus. During that time, they listened to presentations by Vet Tech Program Chair Jill Bruneau and Dr. Hope Teyler, the campus’ resident veterinarian. They explained the differences in becoming a vet assistant, vet tech and veterinarian.

Bruneau and Dr. Teyler shared the cost of the education for each, the time required to complete the different programs, and the starting salaries and job descriptions for each of the professions. They also shared some pictures of common ailments and sickness one might see when working in a clinic or hospital with animals.

After the presentation, the students were able to participate in a dissection lab. The lab required them to cut into a sheep’s eye and locate the lens and the vitreous. They were then able to dissect further and feel the different textures found in the sheep eye.

The students seemed to enjoy the adventure and mentioned that they had a better understanding of what career might suit them best.

“It was great to see so many eager young minds discovering what it takes to be a veterinary technician,” Bruneau said. “Although the eyeballs may have freaked them out a bit.”

Upon departure, the GTI students were welcomed to come back and encouraged to return if they were interested in touring the campus and learning more about the program and school.

The experience was great for the students. The faculty and staff at Broadview University enjoyed hosting the event, and look forward to working with GTI instructors and their students in the future.


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