Life is Anything But the Pits for This Vet Tech Student

Published on February 11, 2014 by arothstein

(MERIDIAN) What started out as a good day for Devin Cleburne turned even more great as the minutes passed. In less than 24 hours, the veterinary technology program student at the Broadview University-Boise campus was named as the incoming SCNAVTA president, her dog won a cutest pet contest, and she received word that she was named Student of the Quarter for the fall term. The trifecta win is a well-deserved honor for the student called “the volunteer extraordinaire” by her program chair.

Devin Cleburne, a veterinary technology program student who has a passion for pit bulls, was selected as Broadview University-Boise campus’ “Student of the Quarter” for fall term.

“Devin is one of the happiest, most positive students in the vet tech program,” Holly Morss, the one who nominated her, said.

“She is always the first to volunteer to help no matter what the task is. She has been present and active for every SCNAVTA event ever held. She shows up early, works hard and stays until everything is done and cleaned up. If she sees something that needs to be done—like a messy kennel—she just takes care of it,” Morss said.

Cleburne has learned a lot since she started her studies at the Boise campus two years ago. After a more than six year hiatus since graduating from high school, she decided she needed to further her education. She chose to go the graphic arts route at a different college, but says she “got bored” after being put in online classes. Deciding she enjoys hands-on learning, she chose to pursue a vet tech degree at Broadview University.

“I guess you can say I turned into a responsible adult over the years,” she said. “I was not involved in high school at all. When I came back to school, I decided to be involved because it is fun, and I know it’s going to benefit me in the end.”

Cleburne is one of the many vet tech students who helped build a holiday parade float for Meridian’s Humane Society.

Cleburne’s involvement has spanned many, many activities; on-campus and off. She has volunteered to represent the school at a Pet Expo in Boise, and she has worked at all of the campus’ SCNAVTA events over the past few years. She also helped build a float for a local humane society’s participation in a holiday parade.

“I really enjoy learning from the things I do outside of the classroom,” she said. “It helps me with my communication skills and it is free fun. I’ve really been working to bust out of my shell and gain confidence. Those are two lifelong learning things for me.”

When asked what drives her to get up and work hard every day, Cleburne says, “the people here—instructors and fellow students—and the things we do. For example, today we did blood draws. I nailed jugulars like it was a piece of cake. It really boosted my confidence.”

Cleburne’s goal between now and graduation early next year is to pass her classes, get good grades and have fun.

Along with possibly the best 24 hours of her life, Cleburne received a Broadview University sweat suit, the honorary parking spot (which is designated near the campus’s front door), free eresources for one quarter, and, of course, bragging rights for her “Student of the Quarter” perks.

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