Medical Assistant Students Bring Cheer to Pediatric Hospital Patients

Published on February 19, 2014 by arothstein

Broadview University-Orem campus has a long tradition of giving back to the community. It was in that spirit that the medical assistant students collected stuffed animals, dolls and other assorted huggable items for kids in need. Over the past couple of months, there has been a drop off box in the student lounge and the students promoted the good deed to enhance donations.

Faculty member, Ben McBride, and medical assistant student, Yvonne Simpson

The idea was developed by Program Chair James Kelly and his students to bring a little joy to kids in the hospital. Dean of Education Randy Johnson said “I saw the benefits firsthand that our students got from participating in this project. They all felt great about doing something for kids in need and did a great job promoting the process.” There were over 30 items collected from students, friends, family, staff and members of the community.

Staff members gathered up all the donations and brought them over to the Utah Valley Healthcare facility in Provo. Community Manager Bob Trewartha, Campus Director Ryan Farley and medical assistant faculty member, Ben McBride, took the donations to the Utah Valley Healthcare foundation, where it was their goal to bring a little joy to the kids (and their siblings and families) while they are in the hospital.

Chief Development Officer Joseph Hansen said “When we get children here at Utah Valley Hospital it is usually bad news. If we can give them a doll, a little bear or a pillow, it really means a lot. It really does aid in the healing, because happy kids get better quicker!”

Medial Assisting instructor Ben McBride, Campus Director Ryan Farley, Chief Development Officer Joseph Hansen and Sandra Freeze

One of the missions of Broadview University is to use service and applied learning to enhance the students’ education. The career focus is evident with the connections made with the industries that our programs train the students. Even a project like this one— raising donations of stuffed animals—brings our students closer to their careers and enhances their leadership and organizational skills.

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