Brittany Monte: Meet Your Online Learning Coordinator

Published on March 6, 2014 by arothstein

There are few individuals that really impact people in the way Brittany Monte does at Broadview Unviersity-West Jordan. When Broadview students have questions about their education or want to know about scheduling a class, Brittany is the go to girl! It was my pleasure to sit down and ask her a couple questions about her life, role and future. Here is part of our conversation,

Brittany Monte, Broadview University’s regional online learning coordinator

What are your educational pursuits?

I am currently pursuing my bachelors in nursing sciences to become a registered nurse. After that, I plan to continue my education with either a Doctorate in Nursing to become a nurse practitioner, or I will complete my Masters in Health Care Administration/Business Administration to work in the administration side of the house. We will decide which way the wind takes me when I get to that crossroads!

What experience do you have with Broadview?

I have lots of experience with Broadview! I started working at Broadview in 2009, when it was still Utah Career College, as the front desk receptionist at the Layton campus. Also, that year I started school here and have since completed both my Associate of Applied Science degree in business administration and my Associate of Applied Science in sales and marketing. I am almost finished with my bachelor in business management, but I have put it on hold to pursue my medical degrees. I do, however, still plan to come back and finish my degree with Broadview!

From the front desk, I moved into the role of student service coordinator and then later into the academic coordinator position at Layton. Finally, last July, I took my current role as regional online learning coordinator/academic coordinator. Now I get to work with all of the campuses and help them achieve their academic goals!

What advice do you have for new students about their schooling?

My advice for new students is to become familiar with your program sequence and which classes you need to take to graduate. Don’t be afraid to pick up a catalog and map out your remaining quarters. I love when I get to meet with students who know exactly what classes they are going to take and when. Also, it helps you to know when exactly you can graduate and move on out into your field. Mapping out your program is really motivating, and it can help you through those really tough quarters, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can say this through my experience as an advisor and my experience as a student.

 What should students know about the education department?

We are here to help you! Every single member of the education department here wants to help you succeed and will support you in every way possible. We truly enjoy having the opportunity to guide and counsel our students and we care about your academic success. However, we will never know when to help unless you come to talk to us! Don’t be scared! Mike doesn’t bite. Seriously though…none of us bite. Come chat with us. We would love to see you!

Brittany helping a student

Why do you think education is so important?

If you make the decision to go to school, it can only benefit you by opening more doors. Whether you are going back to school because you love the subject, or you are looking to advance in the career field, you will gain something. It can be as simple as building career connections, a new job, friends, learning dedication, or a diploma. Education is in your hands, it is your knowledge and it is something no one can take away—that, my friends, is powerful.

Any study tips?

Plan and prioritize! We are all busy people that are trying to juggle everything life entails and then school. My once piece of advice is to learn to prioritize and learn it well. It will save your life.

Any final thoughts?

Yes! I don’t think most students know who I am, or know that I am here to help them! I am your Online Learning Coordinator, so I can help you with virtually anything you can image in the online world. If you are struggling with the online environment, I am your gal. I am more than happy to meet with students on an individual basis to help ease you through your online class. Even if you are an online pro at this point, I can still help with some tips and tricks to make Campus Connect even easier to use. So, if you are taking an online class, come say hi!

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