Broadview University-West Jordan Adds New Vet Tech Wing

Published on March 12, 2014 by arothstein

Broadview University-West Jordan’s veterinary technology department recently relocated. You may have been wondering what all of the noise was about as construction workers labored for the last two months in the north end of building 100. We are proud to announce the new and improved veterinary technology wing is open for business.

Students working in new vet tech wing

Did you know that Broadview University’s veterinary technology department is contracted to work exclusively on the South Salt Lake Animal Services shelter dogs and cats? This is a huge benefit for both the shelter and the students. The shelter receives free vaccinations, spay and neutering service as well as free microchips and wellness exams.

In return, the students gain valuable hands-on experience by working directly with these animals. This is a great way for students to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom on real animals, making them even better at their craft.

Our Program Chair Jill Bruneau and Vinny the Cockatoo

You may wonder what has changed in the new space. The biggest change that has happened as a result of the move is the veterinary technology students no longer have to walk our dogs in an unsecured space. When construction is finally complete, we will have a fenced-in area for our students to safely walk our dogs, right out the back door.

The other big change to the vet tech area is that we have a new and improved treatment area for our students to work in. This area more closely emulates an actual vet hospital. A big part of the education students receive at Broadview University is simulating the workplace in the classroom. Our patient wards, surgical suite, and radiology room are all inside of the treatment room.

Other highlights are: windows in every classroom, microscope tables, and a bigger and better bird room. Some of you may be wondering about our mascot, Vinny the Cockatoo. Don’t worry! Vinny also has received some upgrades. Vinny can now be found in our classroom 118 in a much larger space.

If you are hoping for a guided tour, please watch for the announcement of our open house that will be held in April.

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