CEO Roundtable: Broadview University Students Learn from the Masters

Published on March 12, 2014 by arothstein

Students at Broadview University-West Jordan campus were treated to a discussion of several CEOs and entrepreneurs. The students from the business, paralegal and accounting programs had the opportunity to learn from real-world professionals in the field.

Panelists discuss business strategies at Broadview Unviersity

What makes a business go from bottom of the franchise to the top? Putting in systems that work so employees follow the procedures consistently and build accountability for the store.

This is just some of the knowledge seven CEOs shared with our students, when they spoke to our Organizational Behavior class about how they started business and what it takes build their business.

Alan Anderson from Chamber West talked about how he has built several business and that the systems are what has made him successful .

Don Williamson from Hincklease related his vast experience of how each person in the organization makes a difference.

Paralegal student, Rachel Thomas, stated, “We learned from experts in management that using various business system strategies can make a business successful.”

Successful teenage entrepreneurs, 17-year-old Tanner Harrison and 15-year-old Spencer Harrison, talked about how working on their business a little bit each day instead of putting in mass amounts of concentrated effort in spurts is what works for them. That is how they have been able to grow Campfire Industries. They said networking is all about communicating what you need and how people are willing to help make the connections.

Alan Anderson spent time explaining how a chamber of commerce works and why it is so powerful. Spencer Ferguson from Watasch IT verified how much the chamber has helped build his business and to create the connections. Spencer continued to talk about how he spends his days looking at the financials and spreadsheets to make his business successful.

Brad Simons, while not a CEO but having worked for Questar for the over 30 years, talked about how some of the changes of technology helped change the role of Questar in Utah. He also talked about the evolution of business.

Being able to talk to the leaders of companies gives our students insight into some of the characteristics of what it takes to be a leader.

The members of the panel included:

Spencer Ferguson—Wasatch IT

Alan Anderson—Chamber West

Spencer Harrison and Tanner Harrison—Campfire Industries

Brad Simons—Questar

Michael Joseph Marcial—Wallaroo Media

Don Williamson—Hincklease


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