Want Some Pie (in the Face)? Vet Tech Club Turns Pie into Cash

Published on March 19, 2014 by arothstein

Poor Brent takes one (several, actually) for the team

Here at Broadview University-Orem campus, there is a time for fun, a time for work and a time for success. Sometimes it’s time for all three. The veterinary technology students SCANVTA group put together a fundraiser for their club that culminated with a few pies being thrown into a face or two.

In addition, they were able to raise almost $300 to help the club promote activities for the veterinary technology students to expand their experience at Broadview University and beyond.

The idea started as a competition between two popular teachers. Heather Bird, veterinary technology instructor, and Brent Clark, career services director and communications instructor, went head to head in ‘Penny Wars’ where students, staff, faculty and community partners could throw money into a collection bowl, with the most pennies winning the contest. The catch is this: any silver or dollar bills counts against the pennies total! The loser would get a pie in the face

Brent won. Sort of.

Heather got the first pie in the face, which she took with dignity and courage.

“We love Heather, but it was a lot of fun to see her get a pie in the face for SCANVTA,” said Brandi Horner, vet tech student.

Heather gets her just dessert

Next was Brent’s turn. He challenged the group to make a five dollar contribution for each pie he would receive in the face. There were several takers, including Broadview University’s new Regional Director of Admissions Chad Peterson.

“Brent was a little cocky about winning so it was awesome when he got smashed in the face with the pie,” said SCANVTA member and veterinary technology student, Cassie Cleek.

The students did a great job of promoting the contest, and half of the student body was on hand to see the event.

If you were unable to see the big event, check the Broadview University-Orem Facebook page.

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