For the Love of Animals: Broadview Students Show Love for Pets

Published on March 21, 2014 by arothstein

The love of animals is evident at Broadview University-West Jordan. Students in Professional Communications created three service and applied learning projects to help animals in our community. The veterinary technology students worked with students in other programs to present three very important projects.

The first was ‘Homeless Pets for the Homeless’ where the students took up a collection of items for pets that live with the homeless. Over 100 bags of dog and cat food, 20 collars, a myriad of toys and treats were collected and donated to the Road Home, an organization that helps the homeless make the transition to a livable situation. Broadview University has been a longtime partner of the Road Home.

There has been a lot of research done that shows animals help the mental well being of their human owners, and it is even more critical for those in extreme need. The students also used their ‘communication’ knowledge and skills by creating a pamphlet to assist the clients of the Road Home in taking better care of their pets.

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Professional Communications students show their love of animals through service learning

The second project was an informational presentation about the pit bull breed. The pit bull group did a presentation on campus that gave information on pit bull myths, misconceptions, and how to become a foster parent to the breed. They marketed the event, did the research and brought in members of the community for the presentation.

The third project was a presentation at the Salt Lake downtown library on animal cruelty. The students partnered with PAAC (People Against Animal Cruelty) to deliver a PowerPoint and discussion about what new laws and proposed laws could help save animals from abuse. In addition, they created a handout that participants could take and distribute to get the word out to others about the treatment of animals.

“It was great to see my students really get passionate about these animal causes. They really made a difference in dozens of animal’s lives,” said Kathy Mercurio, instructor for the Professional Communications course.

At the end of the quarter, the class had reached dozens of people with the message: you don’t have to be a veterinary technician to make an impact in the lives of our pets.


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