Spanish-Speaking Paralegals in High Demand

Published on March 26, 2014 by arothstein

By Sean Nobmann, Executive Paralegal Program Chair for Broadview University

Spanish-speaking paralegal students are in high demand in Utah and Idaho.

A high percentage of job postings for paralegals, legal secretaries, legal assistants and case managers specify that bilingual applicants are preferable to English-only speakers. Broadview University Paralegal Program

This preference is typically specific to the practice, with certain classes of firms demonstrating significantly higher interest in bilingual applicants than others.

For instance, larger corporate law firms that deal primarily with businesses and corporations (as opposed to private individuals) typically don’t require that their employees have Spanish-speaking aptitudes because their client base is largely English-speaking.

However, with the booming Spanish-speaking population, successful attorneys and firms who represent private individuals understand the necessity of having bilingual personnel.

Private individuals typically need attorneys for issues like bankruptcy, divorce and personal injury matters. These types of practice areas are often referred to as “volume practices,” since attorneys in these areas typically excel in developing efficient processes for moving a high number of cases through the legal system quickly.

Attorneys who are able to service the ever-increasing Spanish-speaking population in their own language have a leg-up on their competition. Also, because volume-practice attorneys delegate work to their staff members (as much as is ethically possible), Spanish-speaking staff members are at a premium.

Broadview University Paralegal Program

Sean Nobmann, Executive Paralegal Program Chair at Broadview University

Combining Spanish language proficiency with the training provided by Broadview University’s paralegal program can result in steady and high-paying employment that begins soon after enrollment—no need to wait for graduation.

Local law firms are hungry for bilingual paralegal students who are ready to contribute their skills to the legal profession. At Broadview University, you can build your paralegal resume while you work on your degree, giving you a significant advantage over other applicants.


Interested in the paralegal program? Contact admissions at 1-877-480-3335.

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