Broadview Massage Student: Bridging the Gap

Published on April 1, 2014 by arothstein

Triumphant faces filled the Utah Cultural Celebration Center at last week’s commencement ceremony. BEAU and Broadview students were surrounded by friends and family as they celebrated their long-awaited graduation. For many, graduation is a time for looking back and celebrating all that one has accomplished. That is just what Heather Vetter, a massage therapy student from Layton campus, did at the Winter 2014 Broadview graduation.

Broadview massage student

Heather Vetter: Graduate of the Quarter

As a student speaker and the graduate of the quarter for Layton campus, Heather was able to share her story and all that she did to get her massage therapy associate degree. “After two not so successful quarters at Weber State, I knew I needed something different than the traditional college experience,” said Heather. “That’s when I found Broadview.”

Like most people, Heather knew that she wanted an education and was trying to figure out how to make the most of her life. She had to make tough decisions, like moving home, in order to stay on track and complete her program.

“I had always wanted to do something in the medical field but knew that nursing just wasn’t for me. So I decided to give massage therapy a try,” said Heather. “I was unsure of what I was going to do with this education I was about to receive but knew that it was the right decision from the start. From the day I talked to Kelley Sloan, the Layton campus massage therapy program chair, I have not had one regret!”

Heather illustrated Broadview’s “We Care” philosophy as she mentored other students, actively participated and led open discussions, promoted professionalism in labs through her attention to detail and professional communications, and continued to hold a high standard of excellence. “She is in a position where she will be able to bridge the gap between traditional and holistic care,” said Kelley Sloan.

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Rob Gibson (Program Chair WJ/Orem), Cheryl Kvilvang, Heather Vetter, Kala Caldwell, Devan Grant and Kelley Sloan (Executive Program Chair, Layton)

Heather stated, “With my education, I plan on bringing awareness to the need of outcome-based massage therapy in Utah by volunteering and working at hospitals, nursing homes and rehab centers and anywhere else I may end up. I also plan on going back to school for my master’s in occupational therapy. Thanks to my incredible education I received at Broadview, I am now ready to take on this next chapter and challenge and whatever it may bring.”

Heather currently works for a regional network of care facilities and is awaiting approval on her proposal that centers around the integration of massage therapy for short- and long-term residents. In support and preparation of her proposal, she has donated additional clinic hours, beyond the state standard, to the residents of George E. Wahlen Veteran’s Home. The Broadview faculty and staff are so proud of Heather and are excited to see what she will do in this field.

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