Jenny Holmgren: Broadview Student Named West Jordan “Citizen of the Year”

Published on April 8, 2014 by arothstein

It is rare you find someone who is truly selfless and caring about others. At Broadview University there is the “We Care” philosophy, and one of the best examples is medical administrative assistant student Jenny Holmgren. Jenny was named the West Jordan’s “Citizen of the Year.”

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Jenny with her ‘Citizen of the Year’ award

Fleming Jenson’s, friend and West Jordan citizen, nominated her for the award. Here is what the submission said:

“I have never nominated anyone for anything before and rarely, if ever, am I awed by anyone; impressed, yes, but never in awe. Every once in a while an exceptionally unique individual surfaces, though not seeking recognition for any contributions, but rather by accident of learning about amazing goodness and deeds this individual has been doing for years flying “under the radar” in anonymity.

Such an individual is one I would like to nominate for your consideration for your “Share the Magic” recognition. This individual is one of your own native, born-and-raised West Jordan citizens: Jenny Holmgren.

She is a single parent raising her adopted granddaughter. She currently works part-time at Michael’s Arts & Crafts in Jordan Landing and is aspiring to be a medical assistant to work with the elderly. To state she is of modest means would be generous, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing resources, time and, yes, critical body parts unselfishly with others in need. Here is but a snapshot of what this truly unique person contributes, year after year, to those in her West Jordan community:

1) Volunteers regularly to the West Jordan Boys & Girls Clubs after school programs

2) Made and contributed 500 fleece blankets to the West Jordan YWCA…because there was a need

3) Sews hundreds of bags and fills them with books, water bottles and other items to help the chemotherapy patients cope with the trauma at the Huntsman Cancer Institute

4) Regularly volunteers at West Jordan’s Heartland Elementary School where her granddaughter attends school

5) Is collecting and donating much-needed supplies for the Road Home Homeless Shelter for Families in Midvale

6) She donated her kidney to her best friend to save her life

7) She recently donated bone marrow to save the life of an anonymous recipient…because there was a need and she was a match.

These and many more acts of unselfish contributions to the community and individuals were done completely anonymous and…because there was a need.

West Jordan should be proud of this citizen and I hope she gets the opportunity to get recognized for what she does and what we would hope we all could for our communities. Any community would be proud to be able to claim Jenny as one ‘of their own’.”

When I asked her about becoming West Jordan’s “Citizen of the Year,” she said it was truly unexpected and quite an honor. I also had the chance to ask her why she chose Broadview University and any advice she has for new students.

Jenny said, “I chose Broadview because of the small classes and that the instructors care about me succeeding and about me as a person, not just as a student. My advice to new students is to enjoy the college experience, work hard, study hard and do not be afraid to ask questions. This will lead them to an enjoyable and successful college experience.”

When asked about what her dream career would be, her answer was no surprise. She said, “My dream career opportunity would be to use what I have learned and apply it to helping the low income population get the health care that they need, specifically the elderly.”

The students and staff really like and are inspired by Jenny. Brooke Pearson, medical administrative assistant program executive chair, Broadview University said, “Jenny has shown a dedication to her educational pursuits and has been a leader in her community here in West Jordan. We are very fortunate to have her as a student at Broadview University. She will make a fine medical administrative assistant and a leader in any medical office.”

Helping people in our community has long been a cornerstone of Broadview University, and we consider it an honor to have medical administrative assistant student Jenny Holmgren as fine example of that service.

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