6 Reasons to Check Out Your Campus Library

Published on April 17, 2014 by arothstein

(MERIDIAN) Have you checked out the library at Broadview University? If you have, you know that it contains a wealth of information—from the books on the shelves to the librarian sitting behind the big desk. If you haven’t checked it out lately, this is a great time to stop by for a visit. It is National Library Week. As libraries across the country celebrate, some very cool things are happening at the Boise campus library. Along with picking up a bite or two of chocolate and entering for a chance to win some Dutch Bros coffee cards, there are at least six other reasons to check out your campus library.

broadview university

Broadview-University-Boise’s librarian, Carrie Tannehill

1. Food and covered beverages ARE allowed.

2. It is one of the best places  on campus to watch a sunset.

3. There’s an iPad charging station.

4. It is a popular place. In 2013, 16,407 people walked in the doors.

5. The library is THE place on campus to get your questions answered. In fact, the campus librarian answered 1,578 of them last year.

Speaking of librarians, when asked what their favorite library resource is, one student said it is the person behind the desk.

“My favorite library resource would be Carrie [Tannehill]; for the simple fact she is always willing to help a student at any time,” Erica Huls, a student in the health care management program, said. “Her note that sits on her desk begging people to interrupt her is classic. She is a true resource to the Boise Campus.”

Tannehill started working at the Boise campus in January 2013. She transferred to Broadview University from the Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud campus, which is a Globe Education Network affiliate school. Her skills include being a writing and research tutor. She enjoys working one-on-one with students, answering reference questions, helping with computers, and troubleshooting technical issues. Anyone who has needed one-on-one iPad tutoring can attest to her powers as a technology tamer. She has definitely adapted to changes.

broadview university“I have seen libraries change in the 17-plus years that I’ve worked in them,” Tannehill said. “As a student library worker in college, we would collect the print issues of magazines and send them off to be bound like books. Now, they can be accessed in online databases. Libraries have reached beyond physical buildings and created online spaces for themselves so people can use them on their computers, tablets or smart phones.”

As for the sixth top reason to check out your library, it also has to do with the lady behind the desk. If you are really into shoes—more specifically tennis shoes—Tannehill has an amazing collection. She owns 11 pairs of Converse.​

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