Vet Tech Instructor Shares Her Expertise in the Dominican Republic

Published on April 23, 2014 by arothstein

Recently, our very own Veterinary Technology Program Chair Heather Riggs went to the Dominican Republic to help train some of the veterinarians in their country. Heather worked with the Humane Society Veterinary Association, which has both a domestic and International program. Her role was to help train both students and faculty at the University of Santa Domingo, a public university, techniques that help improve the veterinary care for the animals of the Dominican Republic.

Heather and the team at the University of Santa Domica

Heather commented that the facilities at the University paled in comparison with what we have at Broadview University-Orem campus.

The teaching clinic included spays and neuter technique, using only the drugs and anesthesia they have in the Dominican Republic, which made it challenging. Heather went on to say that the process was both educational and rewarding for her and the other members of the team, as they impacted the quality of care the animals, during and after their visit.

The team worked with Dr. Lourdes Ripley, who was “a force to be reckoned with,” said Heather. She went on to say, “Even with extremely limited resources, Dr. Ripley and her crew are able to do amazing things with what they have available.”  Heather has been doing this type of training on behalf of the Humane Society Veterinarian Association for the last four years, helping people and animals in less fortunate parts of the world.

Heather making new friends in the Dominican Republic

I asked Heather if she had any advice to veterinary technology students and she said, “The scarier it is, the more worthwhile it will be. Go out and find your dream and live it.”



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