Broadview University Holds Program Advisory Committee Meetings

Published on April 29, 2014 by arothstein

Broadview University-West Jordan recently held its PAC (Program Advisory Committee) meetings. Over 30 members of the veterinary technology, medical assistant, paralegal, information technology and business industry came to Broadview to share their ideas and suggestions.

Amanda Babcock addresses the PAC members to thank them for their service

The evening started with Amanda Babcock welcoming the PAC board members, enjoying a meal and networking with the industry professionals. Broadview University is extremely lucky to have such great PAC members that are willing to take some of their valuable time to assist our programs and students.

“The ideas, suggestions and advice they give us makes our programs stronger and directly benefits our students,” said Amanda Babcock, dean of education at Broadview University-West Jordan.

Broadview has been a leader in working with the community to get the input necessary to ensure our programs are delivering the information to prepare our students to be successful in their careers. The PAC meetings are an external review of our programs and the curriculum to ensure they are meeting the needs of the industry.

Business advisory board members

Our community and industry partners give Broadview advice and ideas on how to improve the delivery of the education of our students.

“I’m impressed with Broadview University’s forward thinking of utilizing local business professionals to assist in guiding their curriculum. This demonstrates how committed the University is to ensure success of their students by staying current with what the various business sectors are requiring to better prepare their graduates for their careers, ” said Terry Sommerdyke, vice president of Robert W. Baird & Co., Private Wealth Management.

Broadview University has been in the Salt lake Area since 1977 and the PAC boards have been instrumental in ensuring that Broadview graduates are meeting the industry needs. Our graduates’ success is the true indicator of Broadview’s success, and it would not be possible without our great industry partners on the PAC boards.

If you are interested in becoming a Program Advisory Committee board member, contact Amanda Babcock at 801-304-4224.


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