Broadview University-West Jordan Invites Veterinary Community to Tour New Lab

Published on April 29, 2014 by arothstein

Broadview University-West Jordan recently had its “Great Unveiling” of our new veterinary technology teaching labs. There was a large turnout from the veterinary community to see what new technologies and simulated clinic settings had been developed for the Broadview students to develop their skills. Everything Broadview does from curriculum development to graduation is to help the students gain the skills necessary to find employment in the field of their desire. The new lab is a perfect example of our mission of simulating the workplace in the classroom.

Camille giving a tour of the new vet tech teaching lab

The event was designed to show off our new veterinary technology teaching lab but also to bring the veterinary community into Broadview University.  It is always important to connect with members of the community, especially those in the industries our graduates will make their careers.

Broadview University Executive Program Chair for veterinary technology, Jill Bruneau, said “We have looked forward to this new lab for a long time. The students are the real winners, as they will benefit from our new learning environment”. That sentiment has been felt by staff, students and faculty alike.

Our resident veterinarian, Dr. Hope Teyler, said, “I work outside Broadview in a local clinic and see what happens in the veterinary industry, and we have nailed it with the new lab. The students will get the best veterinary technology training in Utah.”

The brand new veterinary technology lab

In addition to several people from local clinics and the entire veterinary technology department, we also had students bring their families in to tour the facility

Dr. Steven Carter from Hill’s Pet Nutrition gave a continuing education seminar on “How to Read Pet Food Labels” for the veterinarians, faculty and students. Broadview University is proud to offer this type of training for the veterinarian community and has become a focal point for ongoing training for the industry.

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