Dollars for Dogs, Pennies for Pups, Free Licks for All

Published on May 8, 2014 by arothstein

(BOISE) Dollars for dogs, pennies for pups and each and every lick here is all free. Scoop after delicious scoop, Ben & Jerry’s annual Free Cone Day was a huge success. On Tuesday, April 8, hundreds of people braved a long, steady line at the Scoop Shop in Downtown Boise just to get their share of free ice cream. At the end of the line, they were greeted by dogs of all shapes and sizes and served by students, faculty and staff from Broadview University.

Young, old and fur-covered—hundreds participated in Ben & Jerry’s annual Free Cone Day in Boise. Over the past three years, the event has enabled Broadview University to donate more than $1,200 to Genesis Service Dogs; a Meridian-based nonprofit organization.

As part of the 36th annual tradition, the Boise campus was one of four groups in the Treasure Valley chosen to scoop ice cream for charity during the day-long event. For two hours, a team of six worked the ice cream counter inside while one worked the crowd outside of the front door.

At the end of the event, $664 was given to Genesis Service Dogs; a Meridian-based nonprofit organization that breeds, raises and trains service dogs and then donates them to qualified children and adults with special needs. The group—which relies heavily on donations—focuses on serving military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“This year we served up 5,570 scoops of ice cream,” Matt Groll, the local Ben & Jerry’s owner, said. “[Your campus] always does a great job at this event and we appreciate all you do.”

Each year, Ben & Jerry’s chooses one day to offer free ice cream cones at all of its scoop shops around the globe. The day is actually the company’s birthday. To celebrate, Ben & Jerry’s donates all of the ice cream while local stores invite guest scoopers to work behind the counter for tips.

This is the third year Broadview University was chosen to participate in the event. So far, the three events have raised more than $1,200 for Genesis. Two people who could not attend the most recent event even sent in donations online.

“Everyone’s support is simply amazing,” Danielle Stem, the president of Genesis Service Dogs, said. “Thank you so much for all you do for us. We are truly blessed.”

Photos from this year’s event can be viewed on the Broadview University-Boise Facebook page. Next year’s Free Cone Day will be announced in early 2015. Broadview University is already planning to participate again next year.

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