Broadview University Vet Tech Student Sierra Phillips Rides on to Success

Published on May 22, 2014 by arothstein

Every student at Broadview University has a story. One of those stories belongs to veterinary technology student Sierra Phillips. Sierra has an interesting past and a promising future. Recently, I had the chance to do an interview with her, and now you get a chance to hear her story.

Sierra where she is most comfortable – on a horse.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I am 22 years old and have been attending Broadview for almost two years now. All my life, I have worked with large animals, mostly rodeo stock. I have always had a passion for taking care of animals and helping people learn to better take care of them. I also enjoy learning new things: singing karaoke, camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, etc. anything outdoors really. It has always been my life’s dream to work with a veterinarian healing animals. All I want out of life is to take care of my daughter and be able to say that I love my job while I’m at it.

Why did you choose to go back to school? Why Broadview? 

I chose to go back to school after my daughter was born. I knew that working a low-end job was never going to get us to where I want us to be in life, and I wanted a career that I could be proud of. I chose Broadview because they were the only school with an accreditation program in veterinary technology when I started school.

What advice do you have for new students? 

Make sure this is what you really want to do. It is a hard road and the classes are not easy. If this is not what you really want then, it is very hard to make it all the way through. You have to know in your heart that this is really what you want to do and work hard to get it. All the teachers here try to make as many real life scenarios as they possibly can which makes it so they are harder on you on certain things such as dress and attitude.

What challenges have you overcome to be successful at Broadview?  

One of the biggest challenges that I have over come here at Broadview is that I tend to be a “get in, get it done, get out” type personality. I don’t like to waste time or slow down, and because of that, I usually like to work alone or with someone who speeds through and is very task oriented. Here at Broadview, they helped me learn how to work with many different types of people; how to talk to them without being offensive, and how to make the best out of the situation in which you are given. They taught me how to take a step back and relax and to enjoy the people that I am working with and enjoying the work I do better than I did before. They taught me I don’t always have to speed through things: there are some clients that enjoy being able to talk to you and ask questions.

What would be your dream job?

My perfect career opportunity would be getting to work with large animals every day. I love large animals, and I would very much enjoy working with them and their owners on a daily basis.

Why do you feel it is important for people to get a college degree?

I believe that the most knowledge and information that you have will benefit you in the end. You can never have too much knowledge, and by getting a college degree, you are showing your future employer that learning is important to you and that you know what you are talking about. Usually it is a requirement in any type of career, and it is always a good thing to have to fall back on.

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