Broadview University Shows “We Care” about Veterans

Published on May 28, 2014 by arothstein

broadview university vet tech

A veteran holds tightly to the hand of Jen Hatch, veterinary technology program chair

Broadview University-Layton recently participated in Globe Education Network’s 7th Annual “We Care Community Service Day.” “At Globe Education Network, serving and engaging with communities is the cornerstone of our We Care philosophy,” says Mindy Shannon, director of charitable giving and community service.

This year our service day was coordinated by Jackie Russell. She reached out to one of our community partners, the George E Wahlen Ogden Veteran’s Home. They were very excited to have a group of people come and spend time with the veterans that live there.

broadview university

Melanie Cook smiles after she and her teammate win for the second time.

“I loved participating in this year’s event. The change of environment and pace was very welcome. I come from a military family, so it is always nice to be given the opportunity to give back to individuals who have given so much,” said Nikki McCutcheon, director of career services.

After helping to bring veterans from their rooms, Broadview staff and faculty were given the chance to assist veterans in an incredibly competitive game of bingo.

“Each of the resident’s personalities reached out and spoke to my heart. They have a lifetime of experiences to share and seek to share with anyone who will give them their ear and their time. I was glad I had time to give. This was truly a great way to render service and play a mean game of bingo,” said Kelley Sloan, massage program chair.

broadview university

Nikki McCutcheon and Clint Urvand offer ice cream to veterans

Broadview staff and faculty paired up with one or two veterans and were able to chat with them throughout the game. “I had a wonderful opportunity to sit, play bingo, and get to know John at the veteran’s home. John was a B-17 pilot and flew 30+ missions over Germany. He was a delightful and appreciative man who was eager to visit with me about his life and service to our country. When I told him thank you for your service, he simply said, “You are welcome, and I appreciate you saying that.” As one more act of selfless service from this amazing individual, he offered to let me choose and keep his prize when he won his blackout bingo game,” said Michael Reeder, campus director.

After bingo, Broadview representatives helped to take veterans back to their rooms for lunch. Once the veterans were done with lunch, they were able to come around to dining rooms and individual rooms to offer ice cream to those who have served our country. “I think it was an amazing day! I feel like we brought a lot of energy and positivity to the veterans as well as the staff,” said Melissa Paskett, Broadview admissions representative.

broadview university

Broadview staff and faculty smile after spending a morning volunteering at the George E. Wahlen Veteran’s Home

“It was a great way to do community service—kind of felt like I served myself,” said Catherine Merril, high school coordinator.

“It was extremely rewarding to give back to service members that put their lives on the line to protect us. The stories that these individuals shared were inspiring, especially the ones concerning WWII! It was truly a great experience for both the veterans and the staff,” said Clint Urvand, financial aid director.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and Broadview University-Layton is looking forward to the chance to volunteer together at next year’s community service day.

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