Broadview University Students Help Those in Need by Partnering with the Road Home

Published on June 11, 2014 by arothstein

Recently, the Broadview University-West Jordan Applied Ethics class did a service learning project with the Road Home and Christmas in July. The Road Home provides emergency shelter and a variety of programs that help individuals and families step out of homelessness and back into our community. It has been an honor for Broadview to partner with the Road Home several times in the past, and every time it has a profound effect on the students.

Broadview students Deanna, Jennifer and Andi helping the Road Home

In addition to directly assisting the Road Home, Broadview students had the pleasure of working with Christmas in July, which is a great organization taking donations to help the residents of the Road Home. Sue Soule Hoggan, Chairwoman of Christmas in July said “We are lucky there are groups, like the Broadview University students, that take the time to help people in need. It was a real joy getting to meet the students and see how much they enjoyed helping the Road Home residents”.

Applied Ethics students Andi Anderson, Jennifer Hamilton and Deanna Chavez worked to promote, gather and deliver a variety of personal hygiene products for the service learning project. They chose the Road home and Christmas in July over other projects because they saw a real need to help these people.

Jennifer said “I never knew how much good the Road Home does for people in need.  It was really fun and rewarding being part of helping these people better their lives.”

Touring the Road Home

In addition to gathering the donations, the applied ethics class was able to see firsthand the good work of the Road Home. The Broadview students took part in a field trip to deliver the donations and meet the staff.

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