Business Administration Student Looks Ahead to Bright Future

Published on June 24, 2014 by arothstein

Despite saying she has faced many challenges in her life, Nelly Prado is passionate about her goals, is family-oriented and has a positive outlook on her future. She says Broadview University has contributed to her happiness and has helped her achieve what she wants. Nelly is studying business administration at the West Jordan campus and says the flexibility and helpful staff and instructors have contributed to her educational experience.

“It fits my lifestyle. I have a daughter and husband, and a traditional school would just not let me have time for my family,” she says. “Broadview University has provided me with a great education, friendly people and an atmosphere that I enjoy. It teaches me all of the necessary things to be successful in life and in my career.”

Nelly has worked in business administration positions since she was 18 years old but knew she wanted more. She wanted to earn a degree so that she could pursue more fulfilling career opportunities.

“I am passionate about life. I feel that we are here to learn and advance ourselves in every way possible,” she says. “I feel that education really helps people not only to better themselves but to see what they are capable of doing.”

Nelly is looking forward to graduating and finding a job as an operations manager or in the field of human resources. Helping people feel comfortable in their work environment is something she’s passionate about. She says Broadview University has helped her come this far, and she hopes to continue her success.

“I feel the people at Broadview have been very supporting and understanding about my situations,” says Nelly. “I like constant advancement, so I plan on getting my master’s degree soon after finding a job in my career field. I want to be able to provide a stable income and joyful life for my family and for myself.”

Visit the Broadview University business administration program page to learn more.

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