Teamwork Equals Fun and Dry Cleaning Bills at Broadview University

Published on June 26, 2014 by arothstein

Broadview University is synonymous with teamwork. Staff members from Broadview University-West Jordan, Broadview University-Orem and Broadview University-Layton teamed up to represent in two races in the Salt lake area. Recently, they ran both the Dirty Dash and Color Me Rad events and made Broadview University proud, as they bonded together as friends, colleagues and representatives of the school.

Broadview staff and faculty from the Orem, Layton and West Jordan campuses

I had the opportunity to chat with our esteemed racers about their experience and their advice for students, as they come back to school in July.  Here are some excerpts from our conversations.

Why did you guys choose to do these events?

Amanda Babcock, dean of education at Broadview University-West Jordan, said, “We enjoy being challenged and wanted to find something we could do outside of work that was fun, active and team-building. Brittany and I ran the Color Me Rad last year and had a great time, so we decided to do it again with a bigger team. I had always wanted to do the Dirty Dash obstacle course, so I rallied the troops into making it happen.”

Michael Aldred, academic coordinator at Broadview University-West Jordan, said, “You learn so much more about your team when you do team building. We had been wanting to do something together for quite a while and these sounded fun to do. On a personal level, I also needed to challenge myself and re-energize my mind and body.”

Why do you think doing events like these is good for Broadview campuses?

Amanda said, “As our students spend more time at multiple campuses, it’s important to have good communication between the academic teams at each campus. The better we know each other, the better all of us at Broadview can serve our students, regardless of which campus they call home.”

Michael went on to say, “Just about everyone involved was from Broadview’s varied education departments. Going through these events with our education counterparts made me feel like we are not individual campuses, but rather one Broadview University. It is comforting to know that our students are cared for no matter what campus they are on. I hope more join us for future events.”

Education was never so dirty!

Crystal DeWeerd, dean of education at Broadview University-Layton, said, “When we work together across campuses, it creates a consistency in delivery of our material to our students. This can alleviate any confusion a student may have if traveling between campuses to take classes. It can also alleviate issues if a student needs to transfer campuses.”

In addition, Randy Johnson, dean of education at Broadview University-Orem, said, “BVU is stronger for working across campuses: For my part, any time that a student has an opportunity to learn from an instructor from another campus, it enriches that student’s academic experience. They get a new face, new ideas and another perspective. They also meet students from another campus that they would not normally have a chance to interact with.”

What was the biggest challenge from these events?

Amanda commented, “Getting up at six in the morning? Washing colored cornstarch and mud out of your clothes? Maybe that I forgot to pick up the registration packets? The Pig Pen obstacle of death?”

What advice would you give students about the importance of teamwork?

Amanda’s sage advice included, “It can be easy to focus on your personal strengths and preferences, even when you are part of a team, but the goal isn’t how fast you can run, the goal is making sure you stay together, work together and celebrate together. Individual members of our team may be faster or stronger on the course, but we never lost track of each other, and we didn’t make it about individual people. In the end, you get to experience meeting that goal together and share in moments that you would never create any other way.”

Michael added, “Teamwork is not just knowing and doing your job. It is not just being a people person. It is having the abilities to effectively communicate, adapt to a variety of job duties, work with different types of personalities and lead when called upon. Take every advantage you can within your education to gain and grow these essential skills.”

Randy made the point, “When you attend classes at another campus, make yourself known in the class. Speak up, participate, get to know that instructor and your new classmates. That is an opportunity for new nodes in your professional network!”

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