Broadview Students Provide Massage to Marathon Runners

Published on June 30, 2014 by arothstein

“Get out and live” is a motto we could all use in our lives. Get Out and Live (GOAL)’s website says that it is a “nonprofit organization that was founded shortly after the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. With the assistance of a myriad of local businesses and thousands of volunteer hours, the GOAL Foundation’s aim is to attract, organize, support and encourage premier athletic events that promote an active lifestyle in Nothern Utah.”

volunteers at GOAL marathons

Breanne Porter, Donalyn Punio and Frankie Baker massage runners who participated in the Ogden marathon

Donalyn Punio, a Broadview massage therapy student, was excited to volunteer time at the Ogden marathon. “Knowing about their mission made me look at the Ogden marathon with a little more respect and pride. It’s nice to know, as a volunteer, that I was making a difference with my time at the marathon,” said Donalyn.

This year at the Ogden Marathon, runners had the opportunity to get a post-running massage from students at Broadview University-Layton. “Post event massage involves a lot of leg stretching and compressions. Our main goal is to increase blood flow from the legs back to the heart, so that lactic acid and other waste products can move through the kidneys and be eliminated out of the body,” said Donalyn.

Broadview massage students were able to work alongside other students and professionals. “The experience of volunteering at the Ogden marathon was a great opportunity to have as a student. Working with the other students and the other schools provided a unique learning experience because it let me see so many therapists and how they each had a different approach to working on an individual’s body,” said Jason Tueller, a Broadview massage student.

Broadview massage student volunteers at marathon

Breanne Porter massages a marathon runner

The Ogden marathon is a great learning experience for our students. “I learned multiple things at this event. I learned better communication skills, developed my sports massage techniques, and how to market myself more effectively. Working on people in a fast-paced environment helped by doing quick intakes before they got to the table and finding out there their main problem areas were; like calves, glutes, hamstrings, back, etc.,” Jason said.

“A positive about the off-site event was learning how to massage an athlete. Their needs are very different from a regular client that may not exercise. It was very nice to be able to use the sports massage skills outside of the clinic environment on the runners,” said Frankie Baker, a Broadview massage student.

Students were able to use their skills and find out through experience just how much they have already learned. “After I massaged some of the adult runners, I had the opportunity to massage a kid that ran in the half marathon. I found it to be a little different, but I was able to make the changes that were needed to effectively meet his needs,” said Marcus Bray, a Broadview massage student.

Braodview University-Layton massage students

Top (left to right): Alfredo Pagan, Breanne Porter, Donalyn Punio, Frankie Baker, Marcus Bray. Bottom ( left to right ): Torie Carucci, Jason Tueller, Lisa Olsen

For other students, the marathon helped to reaffirm their reason for going into this field. “Helping the athletes and just seeing how much they appreciated the bodywork was probably the most rewarding part of this event for me. Being able to help people is the main reason I am in this field. Being able to make other feel better makes me feel better,” Jason said.

“I hope I have this opportunity again. I got many compliments from runners which makes you feel a type of reassurance in the fact that you are doing your massage correctly. All the athletes work very hard, and it was an honor to work with them. I am proud to be a Broadview massage therapy student and that we have instructors who care so much and want to help us succeed in any way possible,” Frankie said.



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