Broadview University MBA Graduate Applies Skills at Own Company

Published on July 2, 2014 by arothstein

For Broadview University graduate Colby Wilcock, it was more than a professional goal that led him to complete a Master’s of Business Administration degree—he wanted to provide a better life for his family. Wilcock graduated from Broadview University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and completed his MBA with a marketing emphasis in 2012.

Today, Wilcock applies the skills he learned at Broadview University while working at 9thRoot, a marketing firm he founded.

“I currently own a marketing firm that specializes in web marketing for franchise businesses. We started out as a web marketing firm that worked with any type of business, but in applying much of my education about focus and avoiding the pitfalls of many businesses, we’ve been able to identify a specific market that can utilize our services,” Wilcock, whose role in the company includes the business and operations functions, said.

Wilcock highlighted how relevant the experiences he had at Broadview are to his career, teaching him skills in managing and marketing a business, both of which are important to his role at 9thRoot.

“Everything we studied was focused on real life, real experiences and real business. I wasn’t spending time so much on theory as I was practicing or trying out the methods we learned,” Wilcock said. “What I learned while I was at school provided me with a foundation of principles, along with advanced techniques and skills I need and use quite regularly.”

Wilcock started his company prior to beginning the Broadview University MBA program, which meant he was able to put his skills to work immediately.

“As I studied about businesses and best practices, I would look for ways to apply those in my own business,” Wilcock said. “As I saw mistakes and challenges other businesses have run into, I’ve been able to avoid those in my business because I have learned from their mistakes.”

The flexibility of taking both on-campus and online classes allowed Wilcock the opportunity to run his business while still feeling connected to his coursework.

“[I liked] the fact that I could take both online and on-ground classes if I wanted and that there were instructors I could visit with on campus if I had questions with online,” Wilcock said.

Prior to enrolling at Broadview University, Wilcock studied at another online school but found he wasn’t receiving the resources he needed and didn’t have the opportunity to connect with his instructors. At Broadview, Wilcock was able to form relationships with his instructors.

“[Broadview University] provided me with talented instructors who were willing to work with me, but not willing to let me settle for less-than-quality work,” Wilcock said.

Visit the Broadview University business administration program page to learn more.

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