7 Ways Students Can Avoid the Summer Slump

Published on July 8, 2014 by arothstein

The days are longer, the beaches are crowded and school is not in session. That can only mean one thing: it’s summer!

As one of the most Broadview Universitycelebrated seasons of the year, summer is a time when people cast aside their cares, kick up their heels and catch some rays by the pool.

While it’s perfectly normal to relax during the summer and enjoy being homework-free for a few months, your brain might turn to mush if you’re not keeping it active.

Here are seven ways to keep your brain from turning into a scrambled egg over the summer.

1.  Read every day

Whether it’s a sci-fi novel, a biography of someone important in history or even blog posts or magazine articles, read something every day.

Sure, some reading may be more Broadview Universityintellectually demanding than others, but when you consider all the other activities vying for your attention—after all, Angry Birds isn’t going to play itself—any type of reading is better than none at all.

2.  Learn a new recipe

We all need to eat, right? Why not spend some time learning a new recipe or two? Pick something you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook and invite some friends over to enjoy it with you. Even if you don’t nail it the first time, the experience will help build your confidence in the kitchen.

3.  Attend a guest lecture or series

Colleges and libraries are well known venues for brilliant people to guest lecture on topics related to their expertise. Check online for schedules of upcoming speaking events that pique your interest. You can also learn tons of new things by browsing TED Talks.

4.  Explore a museum

Once school starts and the hectic schedules of everyday life resume, touring through a museum might be the last thing on your mind (unless you really like museums). Use the extra time you have over the summer to explore a museum’s artifacts and historical significance. Afterward, you’ll be able to brag about how cultured you are.

5.  Do something artsyBroadview University

Arts and crafts aren’t just for kids or the artistically-inclined. Try painting a birdhouse to put in your backyard or learn how to sketch a convincing face.

If you’re feeling ambitious, purchase a blank canvas from your local arts and crafts store and create a painting to hang in your living room. If it doesn’t turn out so well, just tell people it’s abstract art.

6.  Start a blog

Think of something you know a lot about and consider starting a blog dedicated to that subject. For example, if you’re an expert piano player, start a blog about all your favorite songs to play or how playing piano relieves your stress.

If you just want a place to anonymously vent your thoughts, start a blog where you tackle new topics all the time. Whatever you decide to write about, the act of writing on a regular basis will go far in helping keep your mind sharp.

7.  Plant something

It can be something as simple as a flower or as advanced as a vegetable garden. Do a little research to find out what types of plants thrive in the summertime, since not all plants are created equal. Don’t have anywhere to plant? Buy a potted plant and watch it grow by your windowsill as you water it every day.

Remember, just like your body needs physical activity, so does your brain. Keep your most complex organ in peak condition by exercising it this summer.

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