Medical Assistant Student Overcomes Obstacles to Help Others

Published on July 8, 2014 by arothstein

After her second rollover car accident, doctors told Anastasia Trottier that she would never walk again. That wasn’t the case, though, and she was able to recover. Now, Anastasia is determined to help others in similar situations, so she’s pursuing a medical assistant degree from Broadview University at the West Jordan campus.

“I am passionate about helping people with difficulties that they face,” says Anastasia. “I love the medical field and wanted to get back into it.”

Broadview University has given Anastasia the tools she needs for a successful future in her chosen career field. She appreciates the financial aid guidance from the school and the support she receives from her experienced instructors.

“I have loved all of my teachers. They work with me to make sure I get the most out of school,” Anastasia says. “Classes aren’t that big, so you get more attention and more help with what you’re trying to achieve.”

In her free time, Anastasia enjoys spending time with her two sons. Anastasia says receiving her education means a new life, and she hopes earning her degree will give her the opportunity to provide them with more. Despite her challenges, she has remained positive.

“I have had a very hard life. I have two wonderful boys after being in an abusive relationship that I fought to get out of,” she says. “I am always smiling.”

Visit the Broadview University medical assistant program page to learn more.

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