Helping Hands: Massage Therapy Students Give Massages for Donations

Published on August 1, 2014 by arothstein

Recently, four massage chairs left the classroom and became occupied in the student commons with Broadview University staff and students as massage therapy students gave them massages for donations. Massage therapy student Meloney Clifton organized the event to raise funds for the family of Adrien Aicher.

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Meloney Clifton and Katelyn Porter giving massages for donations

“Adrien was my buddy,” said Clifton.

On July 15, 2014, Aicher passed away from epithelioid angiosarcoma in the left sinus above his mouth. Although common in dogs, the disease is rare and aggressive in humans.

Clifton has donated 100 percent of her massage tips to Aicher’s family, and when fellow massage student Michelle Fenn suggested doing a massage for donations event, the plan for helping Aicher’s family as well as benefiting the staff and students at Broadview University was put into motion.

Fenn, Clifton, and their classmates Katelyn Porter, Krystal Wall, Sarah Heckathorn and Chelsea Anderson offered their massage expertise at the event.

“It feels good to give massages,” said Fenn. “You’re helping the person you are massaging and helping the family we’re trying to assist.”

“Massage for donations,” said Heckathorn. “Everyone wins.”

Broadview University staff and students happily donated their money in order to receive moments of relaxation and pain relief.

“It was perfect timing,” said maintenance worker Jim Beaton. “The muscle on the right side of my neck was tense, and the massage loosened it.”

Administrative Assistant Dana Simmons added that the massages for donations event was fabulous. “I’ve never had a massage before, and it was great,” said Simmons.

After the two day event, Clifton and her fellow massage therapy students raised $183.70 for Aicher’s family. She hopes to do other events to generate more money.

“My end goal,” said Clifton, “is to raise money throughout the quarter to put a dent in the family’s funeral costs and help take a burden off their mind.”

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