How Broadview University Serves Our Military Students

Published on August 7, 2014 by arothstein

Mike Hughes

Broadview University is proud to be a military-friendly school. We offer four separate scholarships for people who are, or who have family who are, service members. Active service members and veterans can find scholarships to suit them.

These scholarships include:

You can find more information about the scholarships on Broadview’s website.

Broadview University shows our commitment by having our Military Student Services assist these students. I recently caught up with Mike Hughes, the director, to ask him some questions about how we serve our military students.

What’s your military background?

U.S. Army, 21 years on active duty. Retired First Sergeant (E-8)

Tell us about what you do for our military students.

I am an advocate for our military students and their families. I can assist with them with any military-type questions/concerns—from their GI Bill® to obtaining their discharge papers to getting them to the right person in the VA system for help.

What can military students do to help themselves in their careers?

Finish their degree! Learn and retain what you are being taught. Get your resume and info on LinkedIn. Network with your peers. Learn to be a civilian (civilian vs military speak).

What does Broadview University offer military students?

Me! Just kidding…Besides the obvious; small classroom sizes, flexibility, on campus and online classes. We also offer a wide variety of Military Scholarships. These are for the active duty, drilling NG/Reserve, retired, veteran, spouse and dependent kids. Your financial aid folks can ensure you are receiving the correct one.

Are military students ever unaware of a service or benefit we offer them? If so, what is it?

Yes, most are not aware of the benefits they could be receiving. It happens a lot—a service member goes through a series of briefings before they return to civilian life. Most, however, just want to go home and do not pay attention to the briefings. I can assist them by pointing them to the correct contact person to help them.

Are you a military-affiliated student or family member who’s interested in Broadview University? Give our friendly admissions staff a call at 801-542-7600.

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