Broadview University-West Jordan Attends Catapalooza 2014

Published on August 18, 2014 by arothstein

Broadview University-West Jordan students and faculty showed how We Care during Catapalooza on a recent Saturday.

Several students used the event as an opportunity to do applied learning. They gave the community valuable information while sharpening their own skills in professional communication and knowledge of cat care. As Veterinary Technology Program Chair Jill Bruneau explained, “BVU students were there to help educate pet owners on their new furry friend. Students talked with first time owners, as well as owners that have several pets at home, about common issues that people encounter when living with cats and dogs.”

Among the Broadview University students was Cassandra Angell, who created a video showing how new cats are best integrated into people’s homes. Cherie Craig put together a brochure instructing people on how to deal with litter box issues, which is a leading reason cats are surrendered to animal shelters. Jennifer Kalchik talked with owners about how to trim pets’ nails and provided them with free nail trimmers.

Most of the 50 animals adopted at the event were cats. But dogs were also adopted, and Broadview University West Jordan student Ashley Harmon-Nielson created a brochure for dog owners. It explained dog behavior and obedience and listed several facilities in the Salt Lake area that helps dog owners train their pets.

Broadview University-West Jordan faculty members were there as well. Vet Tech Program Chair Jill Bruneau said that the students “did a really great job talking to the public.” Broadview University’s resident DVM, Dr. Hope Teyler, was also there, and so was Dean of Education Amanda Babcock. They were on hand to help educate the public about the best ways to care for their pets and to spread the word about how Broadview University is a great option for people interested in animal care as a career.

Overall some of our furry friends got a new lease on life during the event, and Broadview University-West Jordan students were there to help. Thank you to everyone who participated and showed how We Care!

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