Vet Tech Student Living Her Dream

Published on August 18, 2014 by arothstein

Kaeli Heaps has dreamed of working as a vet tech ever since she was a little girl. “I remember I used to brush my dogs’ teeth and pretend I was a doggie dentist. Then I’d put a sheet up as a backdrop and do a photo shoot of them.”

Vet tech student Kaeli Heaps with Scooter

Her ambition to become a vet tech is no child’s play. Kaeli started her own grooming business before she even graduated from high school, and successfully completed classes at Broadview her senior year through the High School Advantage program. Her score on the Director’s Test broke records at the Orem Campus, awarding her $2,500, and an additional $3,000 President’s Scholarship for her 3.9 high school GPA.

Kaeli’s service dog, Scooter, loves attending classes to help her ease the transition. Many people don’t know that service dogs help in many capacities: visual difficulties, hearing impairments, anxiety, depression, seizures, diabetes, autism, just to name a few. Taking Scooter to class helps as Kaeli is anxious when around a lot of people without her dog. It is the only way she is able to attend and be successful in school. In addition, Kaeli says, “It’s a lot better for my anxiety to not have a huge class, and I like the personal attention from the teachers.”

Kaeli would like to specialize in equine massage after graduating from the vet tech program, but for now she’s thrilled to be in classes full time and enjoying her four dogs at home. Her Yorkie just had two puppies on the first day of school. “They will be trained as service dogs,” Kaeli beams, “just like Scooter.” Kaeli is all about service. By training these two new puppies as service dogs, she can help others who have similar issues.

By Rachel Chapman, director of admissions

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