Gamers Converge at Broadview University for LAN Party

Published on September 5, 2014 by

Submitted by Doug Miller, information technology program chair at Broadview University.

(Meridian) “Hey, that was not nice!” said information technology student Krystina Bennett as a prospective student shot her Quake3 character, from the first-person shooter game developed by id Software, in the back. “Next time, use the Railgun,” offered fellow classmate Justin Freeman. “Justin,” said another player, “you’d probably do better if you didn’t die so often.”

Gamers at the Broadview University Boise LAN Party

Organized by the student-run computer club, Broadview University-Boise hosted its second LAN (local area network) Party. Students brought their own computers and showed them off to each other, and they used the campus’ rack mount server to receive gigabit network speeds for fast paced action with no lag. As always, a few technical glitches needed to be troubleshot between computers, but the information technology students soon had everyone up and running. Students, prospective students, and staff played in real time against each other using the classroom projectors to show live action.

A couple of laptop computers also were available for those dropping by to check out the event, including Campus Director Mike McAllister. “We had a lot of fun and definitely will be doing this again,” commented McAllister.

Other attendees included current and former students of the school, faculty, staff, friends, friends of friends, and children of friends of friends (accompanied by their parents).

The second ever Broadview-Boise LAN Party was easy for students to set up. The computer club coordinated the evening and invited their friends to see the cool equipment they get to play with every day at Broadview University. The atmosphere was relaxed, pizza was eaten and cleanup was easy.  They will be hosting more LAN parties every month or two on Friday evenings, and the computer club would really like to see students from other programs attend.

“It’s refreshing to have involvement outside of classes with events like the LAN Party and computer club,” said information technology student Josh Fieldstad.

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