Applied Learning: Veterinary Technology Students Pamper Mercy Housing Pets

Published on September 11, 2014 by

veterinary technology program

Getting wet – veterinary technology students bathe dog

The residents’ dogs at the Mercy Housing 12th & River Senior Apartments recently became pampered pooches. In a bathing, rinsing, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and brushing assembly line, Broadview University’s Introduction to Veterinary Technology class groomed the dogs and spent time visiting with each pet owner.

“All the dogs that were groomed were on their best behavior,” said veterinary technology student Dana Simmons. Fellow classmate Devin Tripp was surprised that this was the case. “Only one animal was scared, but that was because the owner was scared.” Simmons added, “Their owners were wonderful to work with.”

Mercy Housing is a project for low-income families, seniors, and people with special needs, and their locations span 41 states. The 12 & River Senior Apartments location had previously contacted veterinary technology instructor Casey Blizzard about having nail trims done for the residents’ pets. When she trimmed the dogs’ nails, Blizzard noticed that they could also benefit from being groomed so she brought

veterinary technology program

Veterinary technology students groom dog

in her Introduction to Veterinary Technology class to do the job.

“The project lined up perfectly with my class because we are learning about grooming and nail trims,” said Blizzard. “It is cool that students can apply what they learn.”

Using what they learned outside the classroom, Blizzard’s students efficiently groomed the six dogs in a short amount of time and did a toenail trim on one of the resident’s cats in her apartment.

“It took us an hour because eight people showed up,” said Tripp. “They thought it would take us four hours. It was fun; I would do it again.”

Tripp and her fellow classmates will soon have another opportunity to pamper more animals. Another Mercy Housing location has contacted Blizzard, and its six dogs and six cats also are also in need of baths and nail trims.

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