Broadview University-West Jordan Hosts Student Events

Published on September 12, 2014 by

What makes college a worthwhile experience for you? Of course, the faculty and staff at Broadview University hope that you find our classes intellectually stimulating and relevant to your future career. But having fun is an important part of people’s college experiences as well. With that in mind, Broadview hosts activities that give people a chance to have fun.

An example of this is a barbecue we recently had. It was our school’s “last blast” of summer, and we had hamburgers, brats and hot dogs for our students. About 20 students came by to have an early dinner and have some fun.

Student ambassadors can help suggest, plan and organize these events. One of our student ambassadors at Broadview University-West Jordan, Amberlee Christensen, was at the barbecue that day. She said, “As a student ambassador, I found it fun to do the barbecue for my fellow students.” She and the student ambassador coordinators, Mike Aldred and Jason Teuscher, were responsible for the event.

Amberlee added, “I enjoyed going around the school trying to get everyone to eat. It makes me happy that people came together to enjoy some good food and each other’s company. I got to talk to some people I haven’t seen in a while and see how they were doing in their classes. I also got to meet some new people and learn a little about them.”

Broadview University-West Jordan is looking forward to other events for the rest of the year. Our Halloween party is coming up next month, and our students’ kids will have the opportunity to trick-or-treat at the school. November will see our Thanksgiving dinner, with the traditional Thanksgiving foods. In December we’ll have our Holiday party. All of this is in between the seminars, activities and charity drives that give people a chance to have fun together at Broadview.

If you’re interested in coming to school here and having fun while learning new skills, talk to a member of our admissions staff. They’ll be happy to help you!

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