Medical Assistant Student Furthers His Education with Hands-On Training at Broadview University

Published on September 18, 2014 by arothstein

Alan Stoddard currently works the full-time graveyard shift as a CNA for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. He is also a father of three (soon to be four) children and a medical assistant student at Broadview University-West Jordan.

“I’ve been working in the medical field for years and have decided I could do so much more for myself by getting an education,” Alan says on why he chose to study medical assisting.

Alan enjoys learning how to care for patients as well as how to work with the doctor. He says his instructors are understandable and knowledgeable, and he appreciates the hands-on training he is receiving.

“We have learned how to take vital signs, assist the doctor in numerous settings, how to communicate with the patient, and how to research and identify what certain things are and why they are,” Alan says. “Some of these things you’re not going to be able to do without the hands-on training.”

Alan enjoys his CNA job now but says he would like to work on the urgent care side once he graduates.

“I would really enjoy just working in a faster-paced atmosphere,” he says.

Alan’s education at Broadview University gives him a sense of accomplishment, and he says his experience has been life-changing for both him and his family.

“All the staff, no matter their position, believe in success. Not only the school’s success, but your success,” he says. “I will succeed, and this is the first step into my future.”

Visit the Broadview University medical assistant program page to learn more.

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