7 Tips to Save Money on College Textbooks

Published on September 23, 2014 by arothstein

save money on textbooksCollege comes with a price tag, we’re all aware of that. The price of college can put a significant strain on your budget. College textbooks are expensive, but they are also one expense that you can have an impact on without too much effort. Follow these tips to stretch your textbook dollars.

1. Shop Online

The most expensive place to buy textbooks will be your campus bookstore. It is probably the easiest method, but you will pay for it. Find out what textbooks you will need for the next quarter or semester and go online. There are several different sites you can choose from, including:

Hint: CampusBooks will check multiple retailers so you can easily comparison shop.

2. Buy Used Textbooks

Used is cheaper than new, what more do you need to know? You can get good quality used books that will work as well as new. Used books have become very popular, so shop early for the lowest prices. You can find used books on the same sites we listed above.

Hint: Make sure you are getting the correct edition of the text. Double check the ISBN number.

3. Rent Textbooks

Renting can be a great option if you know that you will not be keeping your textbooks as references. It’s also a good option when there is a new edition for a book and you can’t find used books. Check out these sites:

4. Sell Textbooks Back

If you bought your textbook and don’t want to keep it, here are several options for selling them:

Hint: if you know someone who will need your text for the next term, you may both be able to benefit by selling it directly to them.

Globe University Career Finder5. eBooks

You can buy or rent many textbooks as e-books cheaper than new. You will need an e-reader to access them. Make sure you can easily find your way around the book if you are going to be skipping around a lot. If you have a Kindle, you can rent textbooks from Amazon, or check out CourseSmart for other options.

6. Check the Library

Check with the library to see if they have the book you need available. Then see what the policy is about checking the book out. You may need to do your studying in the library if you can’t check it out for the quarter.

7. Share books

If you know someone else that will be taking the same class, purchase a book together and split the cost.

It feels great to find a deal on a textbook. As a student, you have other places you would rather spend your money. Take the time to find out what books you will need and use our tips.

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