Veterinary Technology Student Achieves Lifelong Dream with Education from Broadview University

Published on September 30, 2014 by arothstein

Tawni Clark says it has been a lifelong dream of hers to work with animals. Broadview University is helping her achieve that dream, as she is pursuing a degree in veterinary technology at the West Jordan campus. She especially appreciates the support she receives from her instructors.

“Broadview University has provided me with hands-on training and skills that I can take with me into my career by showing me how to complete certain things in my field and by pushing me to succeed,” says Tawni. “It makes it difficult to fail when your teachers and other staff members know who you are and know how to help you when you need it.”

In addition to the instructors, Tawni says her favorite thing about Broadview University is the hands-on atmosphere.

“The thing I like best is that we work with real animals. This is not a textbook-only program. The care we provide the animals is what we will be doing in our future careers,” says Tawni. “Working with the animals not only teaches us how to do this but gives us invaluable experience that we would not otherwise get.”

The experience Tawni receives at BVU is preparing her for any opportunities that may come her way.

“The skills and knowledge I gain not only from my core classes, but my general classes as well, teach me how to work with people, myself and a business,” she explains. “I can go to an interview with knowledge and confidence that I will get the career I want because of the knowledge I have gained at school.”

Tawni is already using the skills she’s learning in school at her job as a veterinary technician at Salt Lake County Animal Services.

“I feel that because of my education I am excelling at my job every day, and it does not feel like work because I get to do what I love,” she says.

Tawni says hopes to come back and teach future students what she has learned after gaining more experience in the career field she loves. She also hopes to inspire her own children.

“I have had my fair share of life trouble, but I managed to overcome the odds, get where I want to be and support my family like I always dreamed,” says Tawni. “I also know that I will be the role model for college education I want my kids to have, so they can also become whatever they want.”

Visit the Broadview University veterinary technology program page to learn more.

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