4 Reasons to Take a Personality Test before Choosing Your Major

Published on October 1, 2014 by arothstein

how to choose a majorYour senior year of high school is wrapping up and suddenly the questions start rolling in: What are you going to do now? Are you going to college? Working? Joining the military?

Assuming you’ve made the decision to go to college, the big follow-up question is: What are you going to study?

Choosing a college major is a very important decision, but you shouldn’t panic if you don’t have one in mind just yet. No one is expecting you to have your whole life planned out on the drive home from your high school graduation (even though it may seem that way).

In fact, an estimated 50 to 70 percent of students change their college major at least once, and most students will change their majors three to four times throughout college.

With these statistics in mind, it would be a good idea to start examining your interests and what you might like to pursue as a career. A great way to gain more certainty about what you want to study is to take a personality test.

According to research compiled by The Career Key—one of the web’s top sources for educational and career advice—choosing a college major that is a good match for your personality and interests results in four favorable outcomes: higher grades, sticking with your major until graduation, graduating on time and higher satisfaction in your career.

  1.     Earn higher grades

After following over 80 thousand students in 87 different colleges over a period of five years, this study examined the extent to which a personality match to a student’s major affected their school performance.

The results were that students whose personalities were more compatible with their college major had better grades and an overall higher GPA.

“Presumably, individuals with interests akin to the major find the content more interesting and thus spend more time involved,” remarked Terence Tracey and Steven Robbins, researchers. “This involvement pays off in better grades.”

  1.     Stick with your major through graduationpersonality test

That same study explored the relationship between a student’s personality match to their major and whether or not that led to more persistence in school.

Results indicated that a student’s interests affect both their decision to enter into their major as well as their likelihood of staying in the major. The chances of dropping out or changing majors diminish when students feel like they are personally connected to their program.

  1.     Graduate on time

Much like sticking with your major, seeing it through to its completion and graduating on time would logically follow. Completing a degree in a timely fashion means four years for a bachelor’s degree and no more than two years for an associate degree.

This study confirmed that matching your personality to your major increases the likelihood of graduating on time.

  1.     Be more satisfied in your career

It’s common sense that if you like what you do and are interested in it, you will experience greater levels of satisfaction than if you have to force yourself out of bed every morning and do a job you don’t like.

Starting out with a college major that suits your personality type will put you on the right track to finding a career in the same field.

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