Applied Learning: Vet Tech Students Aid Paws of Interfaith Sanctuary Pets

Published on October 7, 2014 by arothstein

veterinary technology program

Veterinary technology student Brittany Lund and Dr. Tami Hinderager check dog’s ears

The Broadview University-Boise Application of Veterinary Clinical Skills class visited Boise’s Interfaith Sanctuary last month and offered their toenail trimming, bathing and ear cleaning services and parasite control treatments to the pets at the community shelter. The pets’ owners also received first aid kits and handouts on preventative care. Interfaith Sanctuary “provides overnight shelter for men, women and children, and provides supportive services that promote greater self-sufficiency, improved well-being, and permanent housing acquisition.”

“When researching places for a service learning project, my goal was to bring the students out of their preconceived notions of where a veterinary technician can be useful,” said Resident Veterinarian Dr. Tami Hinderager. “In Boise, we have a huge homeless population; many of whom have been forced there by the economy or abusive relationships. Animals often will accompany people into these desperate situations. What better way to give back then to help these pets and people in their unfortunate situations and give them a little better quality of life while in turn teaching the students the value of giving with their chosen skills.”

veterinary technology program

Veterinary technology students give dog a toenail trim

In addition to applying their veterinary skills outside the classroom, the project also gave Hinderager’s students the opportunity to gain insights about themselves and their communities. Veterinary technology student Claudia Acosta said, “I thought it went really great. I was surprised that a lot of people showed up and that everything went smooth, for the most part. I liked this project and it felt wonderful helping people in need.”

Fellow classmate Aubrey Rinker added, “This project definitely gave me a better understanding about how hard it can really be to not have anywhere to go. It opened my eyes to the fact that these people are not all that different than any one of us. We could all find ourselves in a similar situation. It makes me more grateful than ever for what I have and for the friends and family in my life that are always there to back me up.”

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