Broadview University Meets West Jordan Chamber of Commerce to Discuss Partnerships

Published on October 22, 2014 by arothstein

Getting ready to chat with West Jordan Chamber of Commerce members about community partnerships.

Earlier this month, Broadview University and the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce teamed up to discuss community partnerships.

Broadview University CEO and applied learning advocate, Jeff Myhre, with business program chair, Bob Trewartha, presented on the importance of partnerships that benefit the school, businesses in Utah and their students.

The members of the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce engaged in a lively discussion on ways to partner with Broadview and improve on their business success at the same time.

Valerie Cameron-Walker, owner of Flava Entertainment, said, “I really think the community partnerships Broadview is offering are a definite win-win for both the businesses and the students.”

The Business Alliance Partnership allows for businesses to help their employees make school more affordable. An employee of a business partner can get up to a $5,000 scholarship, in addition to potential work experience credits. Broadview also provides businesses with two free seminars either on campus or at their workplace.

Furthermore, business partners can post their job openings on Broadview’s website to access hundreds of students.

Jeff Myhre went on to present the crown jewel of Broadview’s community partnership programs: the Cooperative Learning Partnership.

Discussion on community partnerships.

The idea behind the Cooperative Learning Partnership is to strengthen workforce development and fill skill-based gaps for employers. Broadview endeavors to strengthen relationships with employers that share this same commitment.

The cooperative learning model is designed to work with many programs currently offered at Broadview, including associate degrees in business, information technology, accounting, health care management, software application development, and internet marketing.

The idea behind this model is that the student employee is enrolled full-time in school while working 20 to 40 hours per week at a job where they can apply their learning. Academic coursework is applied at work as much as possible, but students also need to spend time outside of work studying and completing assignments.

If you are a business owner or work with a business you believe might benefit from this type of partnership, contact Bob Trewartha at or call 801-304-4224.



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