Tongue Compressors and Band-Aids: Broadview University-Boise Celebrates Medical Assistants Week

Published on October 28, 2014 by arothstein

To celebrate Medical Assistants Recognition Week, the medical assistant students at Broadview University-Boise offered treats in the student commons to bring awareness to their program.

They provided marshmallow “cotton balls,” pretzel stick “tongue compressors,” yellow Jell-O “pee cups” and graham cracker “band-aids” to staff members and students. The medical assistant students also sold raffle tickets for a Razor Scooter, had a taco bar, and raised $57 for the St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

medical assistant program

Medical assistant students selling tacos.

“We’ve been taking about donating to the children’s hospital, and we are finally doing it!” said Christine Dillree, medical assistant student.

“We came up with idea for taco bar,” said fellow classmate, Mystie Weber.

Dillree added, “Sandy [classmate] had a scooter, and she thought that it would be a good thing to raffle off.”

“My kids don’t play with the scooter so I decided to donate it,” said Sandy Hattrick, medical assistant student. “The biggest thing is that I’m excited to give the money from the raffle to the hospital.”

At the end of the week, Hattrick’s scooter was won by Dean of Education, Melissa Hawkins.

In addition to buying raffle tickets and eating tacos, Broadview University students and staff members also had the opportunity to test their knowledge in a medical scavenger hunt and questionnaire.

“I had a blast, but it reminded me that biology is not my strong suit,” said Director of Admissions, Marcus Glutz.

“The scavenger hunt was very enlightening,” added Samantha Adams, admissions representative. “I didn’t realize how little I knew about some of the different components of the body. It was a fun way to challenge my knowledge and participate with the students and staff members.”

The medical students hope to do more events in the coming months. “We hope to do a clothing exchange in December where people can bring in clothes and take as many as they bring,” said Dillree. “We also will be taking donations for City Light Women’s and Children’s Shelter.”

Medical Assistant Program Chair, Anna Braden, was pleased with her students’ efforts throughout the week. “It’s a good way to appreciate medical assistants and support our cause.”

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