Applied Learning: Students Analyze Security of Meridian Business

Published on November 12, 2014 by arothstein

Broadview University

Broadview University-Boise students explore Forward Movement Training Center.

“These floors would be slippery when wet,” said Jerry Limbrecht, information technology student. “Where are the security cameras?” asked fellow classmate Josh Fieldstad.

This month, Broadview University-Boise information technology students toured the Forward Movement Training Center in Meridian, Idaho to gain information for their threat analysis project in their Security: Private, State & Federal Governments class.

The Forward Movement Training Center is a 17,000-square-foot facility that offers advanced tactical training to civilians, police officers and military personnel. After exploring the facility, owner Matt Schneider discussed the purpose of the center and answered the students’ questions.

“The facility offers self-defense, tactical, CPR, weapons and hand-to-hand combat trainings,” said Schneider. “Clients range from your average citizen to law enforcement and SWAT teams.”

information technology

Information technology student Josh Fieldstad examines a security camera in the training house.

In the students’ threat analysis project, they will work as a group to review the security of the neighborhood and discover how the facility will socially impact Meridian’s residents.

“People have had a positive reaction so far,” said Schneider. “We opened the facility in March 2014, and it is one of only two facilities in western United States. People are excited and can’t believe that Meridian, ID has a facility like this one.”

Jerry Limbrecht envisaged how the Forward Movement Training Center could affect its surrounding community. “It can lower crime by teaching people how to protect and defend themselves in downtown Meridian. I also hope to see the facility give back to the community by giving confidence to residents through its self-defense training.”

The students will also conduct a crime risk and prevention evaluation of the Forward Movement Training Center.

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