Sandra Garcia-Sanchez: Broadview’s Math Guru

Published on November 19, 2014 by arothstein

Recently, I caught up with Sandra Garcia-Sanchez, Broadview University-West Jordan’s math instructor. Sandra recently won the Staff of the Quarter award at our campus. Here, she tells us about herself.

1. What’s your background?

I was born in a small town in Puerto Rico. I am the oldest of four siblings. My father was the high school PE teacher and coached the women’s national volleyball team. So, I was a sporty girl! My mother was a school social worker. I went to college when I was very young (16 years old) and got a bachelor’s in physical education with a minor in mathematics and science.

2. What do you like to do for fun?

I love to dance, especially to salsa music. I also love to swim in the ocean. I like to watch any kind of sports events and enjoy nature.

3. Why did you eventually get your degrees in math?

People always ask me why I jumped from PE to mathematics. I always have a passion about math and science. So, even though I chose to have a bachelor in PE, I was taking math and science classes.

I worked as a PE teacher for 13 years, but the education system in Puerto Rico does not take the PE program seriously. I was having a lot of trouble getting money to buy materials and equipment for the students. One day I said: “I want to do something that helps me teach students to challenge the system.” As a PE teacher, I was not going to be heard too much. That’s when I decided to teach mathematics.

I finished a master’s degree in education with a concentration in mathematics curriculum and 21 credits in mathematics. I started my “revolution” teaching in higher education. I fell in love with the dynamic of being in front of young adults and, through my lessons, helping them to be better critical thinkers and better problem solvers.

4. What do you do at Broadview University-West Jordan?

At Broadview-West Jordan, I teach all the math courses, including veterinary calculations.

5. What do you enjoy about working at Broadview? 

I have been working at Broadview for a year. One of the things I enjoy the most is the diversity you can find in here. Also, everybody makes you feel welcome and we work as a team. Our students are very friendly and you can see how most of them work hard to get their education

6. What should Broadview University-West Jordan students know about taking math classes?

First, DO NOT BE AFRAID! My experience has told me that most of the time that a student does not succeed in math is because he or she had a bad experience before and brings that fear to other courses. Second, math is a language! This means that you need to practice, practice, practice. This will help to bring your confidence up and feel better about the course. To conquer math you do not have to be smart, you have to be clever.

7. Why is it important to know math?

We use math in everything in our life. Although we do not think in a formal equation to solve a real life problem, we are using the same process to get the answers for that problem. Besides, it is cool to say that you are bilingual because you know two languages: your native language and math!

If working with teachers like Sandra appeals to you, talk to an admissions representative today!

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