Chili & Pie: A Broadview University-Boise Cook-Off

Published on November 21, 2014 by arothstein

veterinary technology program

Tami Hinderager, resident veterinarian, tests all six chili entries

“Life’s short; eat dessert first,” Michael McAllister, campus director at Broadview University-Boise, said.

Modeled after a chili cook-off done recently at Broadview Entertainment Arts University, the Broadview University-Boise campus added pie to the mix so students and staff could enjoy dessert with their chili.

“I enjoyed doing the cook-off at BEAU,” said McAllister. “I saw students enjoy it. It’s a fun thing to bring here. Like you need an excuse to eat chili and pie.”

“I’m really excited,” said Cynthianna Hamrick, financial aid manger, “Everyone, staff and students, get to participate. Bragging rights are on the line.”

Both students and staff sampled the six chili entries. “The first chili I tried was my favorite because it had chicken, was flavorful and not too spicy,” said Devin Tripp, veterinary technology student. Fellow classmate Karianna Gooding liked chili number four. “You can taste it, it doesn’t burn your mouth, and it has bigger meat chunks.”

The pie cook-off included twelve entries with creative twists on traditional favorites such as banana caramel pie, pumpkin pie cheesecake and pecan pie cake.

Alyssa Beyer, veterinary technician student, liked the pecan chocolate pie, best. “It was my favorite because it has a lot of chocolate.”

business administration program

Students and staff dig into the desserts

Staff members developed a strategy to accurately judge the chili and pie entries, and vote for the best. Melissa Hawkins, dean of education, tried them in order. Hamrick wrote the numbers of each dessert entry on her plate so she could keep track of which ones she tasted. Tami Hinderager, resident veterinarian, used a more scientific method.

“You should always have a control group, have Kleenex nearby and use chips to neutralize your palate between tasting,” Hinderager said.

No matter the method, votes for the chili and pie entries were cast and the winners were announced.

Hottest Chili – Eric Morss, general education instructor

Most Mentioned Chili – Julie Reed, business administration student

People’s Choice for Best Chili – Jonathan Taylor, director of career services

Best Circular Dessert – Julie Reed, business administration student

Fruit Pie – Cynthianna Hamrick, financial aid manager

People’s Choice for Best Pie – Anna Braden, medical assistant program chair

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