How Broadview University Works to Fill the Skills Gap

Published on December 16, 2014 by arothstein

As a career college, Broadview University has been at the forefront of connecting educated workers with companies in need of skilled employees.

Our programs are crafted with input from industry experts and change to reflect the demands of the marketplace.

Filling the skills gap has always been a priority.

Building on this philosophy, Broadview University and our affiliate colleges have launched a new initiative aimed at helping businesses find qualified workers—and helping students get real-world experience.

We recently established Workforce Development Training programs.

It’s a multipronged approach that combines:

How Does Workforce Development Training Work?

Our Workforce Development Training programs are comprehensive efforts to match employers’ needs with education and training.

Here’s how it works.

Assessments and training solutions

For starters, we conduct an assessment of what an organization wants to see in its employees and determine how we can help.

Our representatives then develop a training program, incorporating both on-the-job training and campus education for students. Students and employers are matched up, and the company hires them with the expectation that they complete the program.

The students have the chance to demonstrate their skills through work summaries and assignments, all while earning college credits in their field.

And that’s just one part of the overall initiative.


Another part of our effort to fill the skills gap involves specialized programs, which either bolster an employee’s expertise in a given area or fulfill continuing education requirements.

Professional development courses

Globe University has crafted classes to help workers stay up on the latest industry trends.

Meanwhile, program courses allow employees to gain college-level credit or continuing education units.

Business alliance partnerships

For companies that have a relationship with Broadview University, we offer 10 percent off tuition for employees and access to assessments and resources.

We also help with hiring and candidate-selection tools, as well as use of campus facilities and invitations to partner during campus events.

What Does All This Mean?

What do the Workforce Development Training programs mean for students and employers?

For students, it gives them a chance to get their feet wet in a real-world environment, all while gaining practical knowledge and earning college credits. The program also offers tuition assistance and gives students the chance to earn money while they take courses.

For businesses, the initiative helps fill the skills gap and allows existing employees to advance their education.

Overall, our Workforce Development Training programs provide:

Bridging the Skills Gap

Our Workforce Development Training programs are aimed at businesses with skill gaps and students who want to find work right away.

For an example, our affiliate school, Globe University, formed a partnership with a Minnesota-based furniture retailer. The program allows students to work at Schneiderman’s Furniture while taking college classes at the same time. As an added bonus, the student-employees will be able to use their credits toward an associate or bachelor’s degree.

By providing training and educational opportunities, we can help employers and students at the same time. We work with companies and instructors to develop programs that benefit businesses and students. It’s a win-win.

Broadview University’s Workforce Development Training programs will focus on getting individuals into the workforce sooner and closing the divide between employer expectations and the labor supply.

This unique endeavor:

As you can see, we are continuing our tradition of filling the skills gap through our Workforce Development Training programs.

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