Medical Assistant ‘Elves’ Host Clothing Exchange

Published on December 16, 2014 by arothstein

medical assistant program

Alison Van Englen, a medical assistant student, folding a dress.

During the past two months, the medical assistant students at Broadview University-Boise have been busy elves.

During the month of November, they accepted donations of gently used men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, as well has children’s toys and equipment for a campus clothing exchange. And this month, students, staff and faculty have had the opportunity to take or swap items.

The idea for the exchange came from Alison Van Englen, a medical assistant student.

“I know it’s a hard season and to come up with money for kids’ items,” said Alison. “I had ones that I could donate. I saw a need that could be filled, and I helped do a small part by setting it up.”

Alison shared her idea with her fellow classmates and Anna Braden, a medical assistant program chair.

“I said that we should get donations to do a clothing exchange,” said Alison. “Everyone was on board instantly since it can be expensive to buy stuff for holidays.”

Anna agreed: “We all know what it’s like to struggle at this time of year. We took donations in November, and we will keep accepting them until we’re done so we don’t run out and the supply is not diminished.”

Mystie Weber, a medical assistant student, explained how students, staff and faculty could take items without donating anything to exchange.

“A ticket is needed to come in without donating anything,” Mystie said. “They can get tickets from Anna Braden. Otherwise, you can take as many items as you bring in.”

Added medical assistant student Sandra Hattrick: “We’ve had people check it out, bring stuff, and take stuff.”

The clothing exchange will end this week.

“We’re getting to point where we’ll just put everything in common area, and people can take what they want,” student Christine Dillree said.

Anything left over will go to the Idaho Youth Ranch.

“We’ll put the remaining items in donation box outside, or if it doesn’t fit, we’ll drive it down there,” said Sandra.

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