A Beautiful Kaleidoscope: Graduates Share Personal Triumphs

Published on January 7, 2015 by arothstein

veterinary technology Broadview graduate

Graduate speaker Shari Pendley

When you think about a graduation ceremony, confetti, balloons and “pomp and circumstance” may come to mind.

But have you been to one that mentioned a kaleidoscope?

Last month, speaker Jackie Davidson, an information technology graduate, compared her experience at Broadview University-Boise to a kaleidoscope and related how the different pieces formed a fabulous design.

She mentioned helpful staff members like Cynthianna Hamrick, a financial aid manager, and Melissa Hawkins, a dean of education.

“I would like to thank Cynthianna, who gracefully showed me the best way to get the most out of the money I was spending. She always had different options,” said Jackie. “I would like to thank Melissa for always being there. Without her, I would not be here today. I appreciate your cool, level-headed, take-care-of-the-problem attitude.”

Meanwhile, speaker Shari Pendley, a veterinary technology graduate, thanked Carrie Tannehill, a campus librarian, for helping her with citations and Eric Morss, a general education instructor, for assisting her in editing her first research paper. Shari also recounted how Holly Morss, a veterinary technology program chair, encouraged her to succeed.

“Holly had a nickname for me I never quite understood: Mix Master P. But it made me feel part of the group and always made me laugh,” said Shari. “Holly was also great with eight words of encouragement anytime I started to doubt myself: ‘You can do anything for 11 weeks, Shari.’ As it turns out, I can. I’ve done eleven weeks nine times now!”

information technology

Jackie Davidson, middle, with Doug Miller, an IT program chair and Melissa Hawkins, a dean of education.

Applied learning was another facet of our educational philosophy that impacted both Jackie and Shari while at Broadview University-Boise.

Jackie reminisced about teaching refugees how to access their e-mail and post a resume on an employment website, and working with fellow classmates to build a new Meridian Valley Humane Society website and an inventory database for the veterinary technology department on campus.

Shari described how she assisted Dr. Tami Hinderager, a resident veterinarian, with an abscess removal surgery and neuter of a cat, and how she made the perfect blood smear for her Introduction to Clinical Skills class after numerous tries in open lab.

Jackie and Shari left the ceremony with their respective degrees conferred, but both felt that their time at Broadview University would continue to influence their lives.

“Broadview University takes the skills that are learned in the classroom and helps us get hands-on experience in the community,” said Jackie. “It builds a family of people within the school.”

Said Shari: “I’ve formed some great friendships here that I hope will continue after today. And the instructors and support staff here have been absolutely amazing!”

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