Broadview Students Donate to Charity Drive

Published on January 13, 2015 by arothstein

Writted by Broadview University-West Jordan student, Angie Keeley

Last quarter, the student lounge of the Broadview-West Jordan campus was home to a giant refrigerator box filled to the brim with stuffed animals collected for at-risk children within our community. This stuffed animal drive was started by SCNAVTA, the vet tech student club, for Bank of American Fork’s Project Teddy Bear, which has been donating thousands of stuffed animals to family support and treatment centers across Salt Lake and Utah counties for the past 15 years.

Broadview UniversityWith the help of students, staff and faculty, SCNAVTA collected 183 stuffed animals!

Sandy Dubois, the creator of Project Teddy Bear, invited Amberlee Christensen and Angie Keeley, SCNAVTA’s president and vice president, to attend Bank of American Fork’s annual Project Teddy Bear event in December.

The vet tech students were happy to be there in person and add Broadview’s collection to the thousands of stuffed animals piled from the floor to the ceiling all around the bank’s headquarters.

Project Teddy Bear collected 18,422 stuffed animals in 2014, and has collected 91,304 since its inception in 2000! We’re excited that Broadview contributed to that number.

When Amberlee first heard about Project Teddy Bear on the radio, she knew it was the perfect opportunity for Broadview students to give back. Remembering her experience as a child, Amberlee said, “I will never forget when I got a stuffed animal as a little kid in the hospital. I was scared and that bear gave me a lot of comfort. I want to help other children who are hurting or are afraid.”

During the teddy bear event, Amberlee and Angie both felt honored when President and CEO of Bank of American Fork, Richard Beard, asked them to stand beside him as he publicly thanked them for their efforts in front of an audience of about 100 bank employees, community volunteers, and leaders of community support centers.

Angie was surprised to learn that there were more than 4,000 documented child abuse cases in Salt Lake County in 2013. She recalls, “As I listened to some of the stories told about the children that have benefited from Project Teddy Bear, the room was filled with emotion. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that these 18,422 stuffed animals around us represented 18,422 at-risk children in our community, many of whom are victims of child abuse or survivors of traumatic accidents.”

By donating these stuffed animals, vet tech students and others at Broadview supported vulnerable members of our community.

SCNAVTA leadership hopes to collect even more stuffed animals from the Broadview University community this year for Project Teddy Bear. Although 183 may seem like a small number compared to the thousands of child abuse cases, Amberlee put Broadview students’ efforts into perspective when she said, “Everything counts. That’s 183 children we helped! That’s 183 children that will find happiness and comfort in a very difficult time in their lives.”

The members of SCNAVTA thank all the Broadview University students, staff, and faculty who donated!

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