Haikus and Jell-O: A Great Combination for Broadview Students

Published on January 15, 2015 by arothstein

It is a well-known fact that Jell-O is the Utah State Food. Actually, that is not true. Jell-O is “Utah’s unofficial state snack food,” at least according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Each year, just before Thanksgiving, The Salt Lake Tribune hosts the Jell-O Haiku contest. Readers are invited to write a Haiku, honoring this favorite holiday food. It can be silly, clever, funny, or sarcastic but extra points are awarded if it references a recent news event or just identifies a Utah idiosyncrasy).

A haiku, of course, is a three line poem which features five syllables on the first line, seven on the second, and back to five syllables on the third line.

An example, written by Rando Schmook (Instructor, BEAU campus) in 2010:

Make cherry Jello,

Add marshmallows and Pilgrims,

Wait – hear their soft screams.

To get into the holiday spirit for 2014, Broadview University solicited entries from all five campuses, inviting submissions from both students and staff. This is the second time a Broadview regional Jell-O Haiku contest has been held. Although the holidays are over, winners were recently announced. Two awards were given: Staff/Faculty and Student.

Broadview Student Haiku winner

Kristine Earls

Student Winner: Kristine Earls, Vet Tech, Boise

Jell-O is jigg-ly

Its fruity deliciousness

It takes any shape

Staff/Faculty winner: Amanda Black, Administrative Assistant, Orem

Broadview University staff haiku winner

Amanda Black

It slips off your plate,

Leaving a trail of green slime,

And lands in your lap

Although none of our entries won The Salt Lake Tribune’s contest, Amanda Black did receive an honorable mention.

Thanks to all the student and staff participants. We hope all had a wonderful holiday season.


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