Life After High School: Students Explore Career Options with Broadview University

Published on January 27, 2015 by arothstein

By Ryan Farley, Broadview University-Orem campus director

What do I want to be when I grow up? It’s a question all of us ponder, sometimes even after we’re grown up! High school students likely think about it more than most, as life after their senior year looms right around the corner. Many decision concerning employment and future schooling will be made in a matter of months.

As part of the Broadview University’s Career Preview Days program, 55 juniors and seniors from Manti High School descended on Broadview University-Orem to explore career options in high-demand fields such as vet tech, medical assisting, massage therapy and criminal justice. Following hands-on activities in each of these fields, the students were treated to lunch and a brief presentation on scholarships and the college experience.

“Our goal is to engage the students in an activity within each of these career fields that gives them a taste of what they could expect, both in the classroom as well as on the job,” said Annie Jones, Broadview University’s college representative.

The hands-on activities are always a big hit. While students interested in criminal justice were busy solving a crime scene in the library, those interested in the medical assistant program were trying their luck at venipunctures (fancy word for drawing blood) on the university’s prosthetic arms. Over in the vet tech wing, students practiced dissecting a sheep eye as part of an anatomy crash course. In massage therapy, interested students were learning different techniques to relax tight muscles and tendons.

Massage therapy instructor Megan Allen said, “I could do this all day, every day. These high school students are so full of energy and enthusiastic. What a great group of young people.”

We couldn’t agree more! It’s always a pleasure to host high school students at Broadview University-Orem and give them a glimpse into these interesting and challenging career fields. To learn more or to schedule your own high school preview day, please contact Annie Jones at 801-822-5800.


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