Key to Success is Doing What You Love: Meet Vet Tech Student Shalayne Luke

Published on January 28, 2015 by arothstein

By Amanda Black, administrative assistant and veterinary technician

Shalayne Luke

Shalayne Luke

Broadview University-Orem has amazing students from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Each one has a story to tell,

Shalayne Luke

like Shalayne Luke, veterinary technology student. It took a few detours to truly discover where she wanted to be.

When Shalayne was little, she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. She grew up in the small town of Orangeville, Utah, and loved playing with her family’s pets. When it was time to go to college, she headed to the College of Eastern Utah. Her focus changed from becoming a veterinarian to studying business, later switching to wildlife biology. She quickly discovered that she didn’t like either program but wasn’t sure what to do.

One day, while sitting in her biology class, a friend told Shalayne that she might like veterinary technology. Shortly after their conversation, the biology teacher told her about an internship opportunity at Hogle Zoo. That week, Shalayne set to work and researched veterinary technology schools in Utah. She discovered Broadview University and quickly requested information. She then contacted Hogle Zoo about their internship opportunities. She was overjoyed when she was accepted to both! She arranged to start the veterinary technology program in the fall so that she could complete the internship in the summer.

When asked what her favorite parts of the internship were, she mentioned her time in the animal resource center where she worked very closely with the small animals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. An all-time great moment was when she was able to hold her favorite animal, an owl. Shalayne learned a lot from her internship with the zoo, including the importance of providing enrichment activities for the animals such as allowing them to experience things they might experience in the wild, including new tastes and smells. Even working two jobs totaling 56 hours a week, she loved every minute of it.

Today, Shalayne is a full-time student at Broadview University-Orem. When asked about what she enjoys the most about attending Broadview, she said, “I love that it is all hands on and that there is animal care. The small classes are great because they allow you to build connections with the instructors and your classmates in such a way that they become more than classmates; they become your friends.”

Looking back at her previous college experience, Shalayne realizes what was missing. “I kept trying things that weren’t for me,” she said. “Once I found what I wanted, everything fell into place.”

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