Staff Spotlight: David Martini, Broadview’s Career Services Director

Published on February 2, 2015 by arothstein

This quarter, David Martini joined the Broadview family full-time. Previously an instructor, David is now the Director of Career Services. I talked to him about what he does at Broadview University.

1. Tell us about your hobbies and interests.

I love to watch sports, however I enjoy playing them more. Spending time with my family, reading a book, or being outdoors are all things that I enjoy. One hobby that I love to do with my family is sit around a fire in the Summer time, roasting Swedish Fish, while watching a movie. Not to mention reading a good book, especially during quarter breaks. But most important item I like to do is to relax.

2. What did you get your degrees in?

I have a BS in Exercise and Sports Science, a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and am currently working towards a Master’s in Business Administration.  When it comes to college education I have a disorder called “Educationosis” or wanting to take advantage of learning whenever I can.

3. What were the most important decisions that you made in your career?

The first important decision that I made about my career was “Never to Give Up”. There were times when individuals said it was not worth the struggle, that there was an easier path. However, I did not let that stand in my way. I had a goal in mind, and I worked towards it. It seems that whenever one door shuts, another opens. It is important for you to keep you goal in mind and never let it go. Another decision that helped me is that I took every opportunity to learn from my experiences, positive and negative. There is a lesson to be learned, and it is helpful to look at that as you are going through life.

4. What do you want to accomplish as the Broadview University Director of Career Services?

I want to see the students grow and succeed, inside and out of the classroom.  While attending school and after graduation.  I am an individual who feels higher education is important, and by enrolling in school students have taken that first step to better their lives and be future leaders.

5. What does Career Services offer Broadview students?

The Career Services offers a variety of services to the Broadview students. They can receive resume and cover letter assistance, assistance with looking for a job (while in school and after graduation), practicing for an interview (In-person, Skype, or phone). Another service we offer is a “Support Team”. There are times when times are going to be rough, and my door is always open to Broadview’s students to come in. When they need someone to celebrate their good news, or be there to listen as they are going through a rough time.

6. How early should Broadview students start preparing for their careers after graduation?

Now.  The time when individuals are in a college like Broadview goes by fast. I have been working for Broadview for several years now, and it is amazing how fast time goes by.

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